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Welcome to the JustGiving Tech Blog

10 July, 2020

Written by Mark Berryman


Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new JustGiving tech blog!

Here at JustGiving, we have a variety of interesting technical challenges to overcome. The most obvious of these is scaling: unlike some other popular websites, we don’t always know when our next big traffic increase is going to hit. This simple fact has informed many of our technology choices, and led us to develop interesting solutions which we’re looking forward to sharing with you all on these pages.

As a leading example of this, we recently had the honour of hosting the record-breaking fundraising efforts of Captain Sir Tom, the world’s all-time highest individual fundraising campaign. Thanks to our technology choices, we were able to support Captain Tom’s campaign with very high levels of uptime and reliability, which we’re incredibly proud of.

Finally, our people here at JustGiving are incredibly passionate about what they do; given the global coronavirus situation, there’s never been a better time to work in “tech for good” and our work has never been as important as it is now. We look forward to sharing some of this passion and energy with you, as it shows up in everything we do. If you’d like us to cover anything in particular, please reach out through our social channels.

Happy reading!



Director of Engineering